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I don't know how to assign student roll no, i noticed a field called class_roll_no in the table, but no method to use it. Please help me.
Discount still has problems, the discount mode is not working. When I create discount in amount it deducts in percentage and showing percenatge sign in receipt even for amount mode discount is also a problem. Also fee submission by student is not showing any fee dues when the student has discount created.

Is it not possible to have some immediate discount while paying fee? For some students they have the discount for only one or two months, If i create a discount then i am not able to delete it, how to handle these cases in fedena? Please let me know. We have implemented the system and got stuck now.
In school level we give ranks for the students in descending order based on the total marks, could anyone tell me how could i do that in fedena?
Hi Dass,

I have come across similar problem as you mentioned above.

When i apply discount to admission fee and and the student pays partial , it does not appear under Fees Defaulters. Whereas all other payments that are incomplete and have no discounts in them appears.

Anyone solved this issue yet?

when i open work allotment option a blank box appears , whereas this box should contain deficit , remaining & credit hours options for teachers. please help me to solve this problem as soon as possible. its urgent :(

Hi people i have similar problems with fee discount, students with particular discount are not showing and student that are in a category with a special discount in that category are not showed too. Any help??