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hello, I have many questions about how fedena is organized,

1.- i dont understand why i have to select the field "course and batch" when creating a student.

2.- Subject is math, english, etc right?
3.- student categories are ????
4.- course are grades? 1st grade 2nd grade, etc?
5.- seccion is 1st grade A, first grade B, etc??
6.- batch is a semester, 2010-1, 2010-2???

Im not sure about what is what, i cant find it anywhere, is there any user manual you can post in the forum or in the site please, i really need it... thanks
Hi Ivan,
1.The first thing you have to do after getting into the system is create the course and the batch of the institution. This is required before admission of student.
This is because, while admitting the student, you should know to which course and batch the student admission is being done.You can create the course by going to settings link. A course can have multiple batches, which you can create by the following steps - Go to manage courses - Go to the specific course in which batches has to be created by clicking above the course name - Click on new button on the right hand corner - Give the new batch name and batch start and end date. This way new batches can be created
2. You can add subjects of your school / campus. Spanish, Mathematics etc.
3. There will be several categories in a school like foreign national, reserved category by land of law etc. This is needed because some students of certain categories will have fees exemption.
4, 5, 6. You are right. Different countries have different names for this.

I am preparing a manual for the flow of this system. I hope every one will like it. Will update it soon. Before that I am not good in English that well.
Does this system comes in Spanish?
One more thing, forgot to mention how course can be created
go to settings - manage courses / batches - manage courses - new (right top corner) : now give the course name (grade name), section name and the course start and end date.

Now the course is created.
Thanks Peter, i have been playing around trying to figure it out what each menu means, this software is easy to use, sure i realize immediately how to create new categories, subject, batch, courses, etc, my question was basically about the meaning of each one, the database model helped me a lot, i do speak spanish and i will translate it in the next 30 days, if you can just let me know what files do i have to modify will be great, in my desktop with windows it runs good, but im having some trouble trying to configure this in a server under a domain or subdomain,

Do you mind explaining a little bit more what a batch and course means, what i understand is: batch "2010" for example for a student01 in course "1st grade", if this is right, do i have to modify in 2011 all the students with the new batch and course? same student01 batch 2011 and course "2nd grade" right? i dont really get it,

Thanks again, ill be in this forum just "every day"
I will explain you with the help of an example.
Students - Anna, Maria and James
Course Name -Third standard (Third Grade)
Section - A
Batch - First Batch starting from April 2010 to March 2011.

Now in 2011, Three students completes third grade and is promoted to 4th grade. This can be done in the following way.
Settings - Manage courses / Batches - Manage Batches - Batch transfer at top right corner - Select the batch to be transfered (here Third Standard A)- Click on the batch - It will ask you for the new batch to which you have to transfer the three students (You have to create this earlier itself- suppose newly created batch name is 4A 2011 - 2012)- Select 4A, Now check the three students and click on save.

All the three students will be automatically put in the new batch. Fourth Standard A Batch of 2011-2012. Hope this clears your doubt.
I happend to like the application of yours, and downloaded the same for testing purpose. But as this video 4. Fedena Screencast: Create academic year, shows how to create a academic year, I'm unable to see the same page on my application downloaded recently Fedena 2.0. Kindly help....
Hi Sunil,
Where did you find the Fedena screencast ? Those are the old ones (i.e Fedena v1). The screencasts for Fedena 2.0 will be available soon.
I found it on Youtube account of projectfedena. Well I could figure out that after writing to you, If it is taking time to publish the videos you may please send text guide atleast.
Hello, we are starting a small computer training center with the following courses:

1. Office Productivity, with the following subjects:
MS Word 2007 (Basic)
MS Word 2007 (Adv)
MS Excel 2007 (Basic)
MS Excel 2007 (Adv)

2. Programming, with the following subjects:
JAVA Fundamental
JAVA Programming
PHP Fundamental
PHP for Web Programming

3. Database, with the following subjects:
Database Concept and Design
MS SQL Fundamental
MS SQL Administration

Each subject will run several times a year, depending on we have enough students to start the class. Can you please link the concept of Course, Batch, Subject and Grade for our situation?

Also, some subjects require prerequisite, meaning students need to pass exam first before taking the advanced subject, can this be done in Fedena?

Thanks and appreciate your kind help.
Template is missing for Batch Transfer

Missing template student/generate_all_tc_pdf.erb in view path app/views:vendor/plugins/fckeditor/app/views:C:/Ruby187/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/declarative_authorization-0.5.1/app/views

How to solve this problem..pls help me..github source not available(generate_all_tc_pdf.erb) in source
This issue will be fixed in next release of fedena .
when will you release next fedena?
Fedena is a project which is running successfully. So naturally there will be update release.
student views not available generated_all_tc_pdf report pls send the link
I want to be able to admit students by degree program and enroll them in courses by the status of Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, etc of the degree program. How would I lay this out in terms of Courses, Batches, etc? Is it possible for me to somehow rename Courses as Degree Program assuming this is what Courses mean in the system?
Hi mwilliams,

Yes you can rename Courses as Degree Program. Open en.yml and modify "Course" as "Degree Program"
Hi all...

can i remove any features menu such as time table, human resource, finance and others in this fedena.?

it can...pls teach me step by step how to remove it...

and 1 more things, if i remove some features, will it affect my fedena system.?