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How to change the Title of the pages from Fedena to something else, like Fedena Campus management system or... As I went through some files, I noticed that Title is given to the pages dynamically as the pages had their title like dis @title..
but could not find where to edit it..
Also, I could not see Transportation and Hostel modules in the open source version.
Is it not included or I am missing something?
thanks in advance.
Hey zax,
See this line 13 in application controller

You can modify it to suit your needs .

Tanx alot.
wat about Transportation and Hostel Module ? Not included in the open source version ?
hi Zax,

Please contact at
i tried but its not working?
Also i want
How to change Header and footer setting
in header before login its appearing fedena , how to change?
in footer how to change powered by fedena?

how to apply smtp and sms setting?

Please help.