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Hi Guys,

Is there a way to edit the form fields, (e.g., Admission no. into Student no.) or deleting some fields (e.g., Blood, etc)?

Thanks in advanced and kudos to developers of Fedena.

Edit file Fedena\app\views\studentadmission1.html.erb

be sure of the right text field or else will messup
First, go to your Fedena app directory in your OS.
Navigate to Fedena config folder (directory example: c:\fedena\config\locales)
Select "en.yml" since you require english
I strongly suggest you to use Notepad++
If you are using editor notepad, just open the "en.yml" using "notepad", click "edit" in the toolbar, click find and search for "adm no."
If you are using notepad++, you will realise that it is actually line 353. and you'll see something like this:
adm_no: "Adm no.
Change the right side a.k.a adm no. to "student no."

Restart server or service
Login and see the change.
thanks guys i was able to changed it :)