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I got a problem in system and i think you can help out please.

I'm creating fee catogry>partculars>fee collection
it's all working fine and students can submit their fees.

But When new student admission comes to that batch they not included in those fees and collection dates automatically . so i have to manually add them to new fee particulars and fee collection dates for each and every new comers..

when new student admission to a batch they should automatically add to fees and ongoing collections.

I think there will be better solution other than this.
please if you can guide me little bit i can go....
I am having the same problem, as inamul20 said, we are registering new students every day and the fees that were applied for old students are not automatically applied to the new ones in the same course and batch.

How can assign to this new students the same fees that were applied to old students that assist to same course/batch?

Is there any developer or any plugin available? I read something about Fee import plugin that can make it work.