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I'm currently customizing fedena and one of my requirements is to be able to keep track of 'academic school years' for accounting reasons..

I couldn't find anything in the code or db that refers to this concept (the only thing i could find is commented out code in student_controller.rb:
def academic_pdf
@course = @student.old_courses.find_by_academic_year_id(params[:year]) if params[:year]

but it's not used anywhere..

so i figured that i'd create this concept myself using the existing tables.

in the db batches and finance_fee_collections have start_date and end_date.. also, a student can belong to multiple batches through the batch_students table..

but here is my question.. what should i use to track the academic school year? a batch or a finance_fee_collection? my opinion is that i use a finance_fee_collection.. since (i'm assuming) that a batch shouldn't change as often as a finance_fee_collection..

can anyone give me some pointers/advice on this one?