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Please tell me how to change powered by link in footer.
Hi shashank,

Fedena is open source project and you are required to maintain fedena attribution in your application.

Hi Sanjay,
i think i cannot use "powered by fedena" unless i have paid for it according to Apache licence.
Please guide me if i am wrong.
Sanjay, you didn't answer the question, Is it you don't want to tell ? Shashank were you able to figure it out.

hello shashank,agrovers it is possible to change the "powered by fedena". But according to the fedena policy you dont remove that link. any quires you can contact
GO to the fedena/config/initializer folder and open the file "fedena_setting.rb" and change the two line

:company_name => 'Fedena',
:company_url => ''

as you re requried.. and restart the server by pressing CTRL-C to stop and "sudo script/server -p 80" to start the server.