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I need the fedena GPA to customize.

1. There should Absent (ABS) for Student who was officially absent from some or all subjects. That credit load should be deducted on saving automatically from students Total Credit load.

2. Each student should be free to select a subject for any Batch. This should also apply to the elective course. This will enable the Student comply with the School policy on minimum and maximum credit load.
3. The Admin should be able to set minimum and maximum credit load for each Batch (semester).
4. In a course, Student should be able to select a Subject they failed or was absent in next Batch of the same Course e:g Subject: Use of English. Course: Economics Batch: 2013 1st semester - Subject: Use of English. Course: Economics Batch: 2014 1st semester
5. Students should have the option to register for their subjects in a course batch themselves or the admin can create a poll of subjects for a particular batch and course with credit load assigned for students to select and register.