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Photoshop and Illustrator designers can also actively participate in the community and contribute by suggesting best UI possibilities for the Project, making it one of the best UI oriented Campus Management System.
Designers with capability of sketching wonderful icon for the project, can contribute by designing eye catchy and unique icons for the project.
I am down for that, I usually evaluate the UI of friends in the Web Business and if it is simple to understand and so on, and fancy icons sometimes is not the best options, most of the times simple icons well thought can be the best idea. So If I have suggestions to incorporate these designs in or to have I guess someone that actually does the coding to add these things in who do I contact or send the designs to? And who exactly evaluates if the design is good, do we have a group of designs in this project that can evaluate the way the UI is designed and organized?
Never done this sort of work before but I am up for it. I have done logo's and labels etc and some samples are on my facebook profile. I would love to work in collaboration with other great ppl here.