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I've successfully tested my custom build distribution of Ubuntu with pre-installed fedena 2.1 and auto start up service. The distribution is ready to share with core team and others.
Hi babuilyas

Great to hear this. Please feel free to share the distribution.
Thank you arvind.
Interested users are requested to fill up the form so that I can share the data with them.

Hi babuilyas! I have installed iso image provided by you in dropbox.Now should I install custom diskpart 1 & 2 so that I can access fedena on other computers.Please reply with all steps.Thnx in advance
The iso files are shared on this link. Please use this.
babuilyas thnx for your reply.I have already installed fedena iso image on a computer which is in your shared dropbox.I beleive it only installed ubuntu.I have downloaded custom diskpart 1 & 2 as well.When I extract custom diskpart 1 it asks for customdist.part3.rar to continue extraction.Please provide customdist.part3, is it required to install iso of custom diskparts as in your dropbox?