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I would like to contribute by writing the "User Guide". I looked around the site but couldn't find one. Not sure if there is one already. If someone from project fedena provide me the wiki to start writing the user guide or should I use my own wiki? (I don't mind installing a wiki for the documentation)

Hoping to hear from some one from the core team.
Hi sridharpandu

An unfinished wikibook is available at -
We haven't got time to finish it. It is structured in a good way. If you are going to improvise that wikibook, we will put it as official documentation in our about and download page.
Sure will contribute to the existing documentation.
While uploading images onto wikibooks I am asked (rightfully so) for the authors names and under what license have the images been published. Apache 2 license is not available as one of the options during the upload (though it displays it the first time I clicked file upload). It also asks for the authors names. What should I key in?

If you are uploading screenshot, there shouldn't be any problem.

Go to toolbox -> upload file. Select "It is a free software screen shot" and select "Apache Software License"

Other details
Description = Give description related to the screen shot. eg: Student information module of Fedena
Source =
Date = give date
Author = "You can place your name here"

To mention license, put {{Apache-2.0}} after the end of {{information}}
No need to select from the dropdown of licenses

Look at this
I wanted to contribute to the documentation part.
Please tell me how can I do that.

Please also let me know from where I can get the requirement specifications, so that it will help me to write the documentation.

Start editing the wiki pages. The link is available in the forum thread.