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Many people have asked "instead of going to command line and every time typing mongrel_rails start how to start the Fedena Server automatically when windows starts" well here is the updated tutorial.
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open ruby command prompt

navigate to your fedena app directory

type gem install mongrel

mongrel_rails start to check mongrel is running
press ctrl+c at same time and type n

type gem install win32-service

type gem install mongrel_service

type mongrel_rails service::install -N Fedena -c c:\yourfedenaappname -p 3001 -e development

Go to windows search at the start menu, type services.msc

Look for service named 'Fedena' and set it to automatic

the port 3001 specified in the mongrel_rails service command can be 3002, or 3003... so in browser you just need to type localhost:3001 if you using 3001 because the fedena window service also using same port.

Restart your computer and see if the fedena start automatically. always make sure that your server is running.

hi, thanks so much rookiecoder, i did it and its working, can i know if you have fedena pro and also tell me if fedena pro can run offline
I need the fedena pro
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