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If you already have an AWS account, you can directly launch AMI using Click on Continue button on the right side of the screen.
After launching your AMI successfully follow the steps below:

1. Once the instance is running, enter http://instance-public-ip/ into your browser.

2. Wait for the instance health checks to pass. You will then see the Fedena page, enter 'admin' as Username and 'instance-id' as password.

3. You can access '/phpmyadmin' page with url http://instance-public-ip/phpmyadmin and use 'root' as username and 'instance-id' as password.

4. You can access 'webmin' page at port 8000, so your url will be http://instance-public-ip:8000 and use 'admin' as username and 'instance-id' as password.

5. You can also access your instance via SSH using the username 'ubuntu' and your Amazon private key. For additional setup instructions please visit:
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