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Please Reply ASAP As i am stuck here...
mainadmin. ****,234XXXXXXXXXX&sms=msgbody&senderid=Dovesf&scheduletime=2013-02-14 12:12:12

schedule time is optional field.
Please give me URL field in SMS_manager.rb according to this API url
Upload your SMS API documentation or post a working URL that sends a message to your number, replacing your username and password of course and I'll help you try to get it working.
Hi Raalfy, Thanks for Reply. Here is the working SMS Http API url for my provider. i am unable to post complete document here.,919890098900&sms=msgbody&senderid=sender

Please help me with URI field in sms manager.rb and sms cofig.yml entries. Thanks..!
You don't have to alter the SMS_manager.rb file, you should configure the sms_settings.yml file to connect Fedena to this API. For the above URL, you must map the identifiers (user | senderid | mobiles) using the parameter mappings section of the file. If that doesn't work, I would need to take a peek at the documentation for the SMS API.
The URL you supplied in your most recent post seems to return XML style information, not HTTP API response codes. Is it okay if I sign up here to test it out myself?
Not sure about this but give it a shot:

additional_parameters: ""

username: **your-username**
password: **your-password**
sendername: **your-sender-name**
success_code: "OK"

username: user
password: password
sendername: senderid
message: sms
phone: mobiles
Thanks nerve . I tried it. but sms is not sent and no log is created. Actual problem is my Providers API URL differs from URL in sms_manager.rb
@Raalfy, I tried it by modifying sms config file with changes u specified , but it is not working.
@N3rve : Sure bro...u can try by creating demo account there. And yes. I tried altering URI field in sms_manager.rb and i am getting error code in log file as : "0 -10015 Message content can not blank 1"
10015 is code for blank message error in API documentation. So i think, i can communicate with service, but there seems to be some mistake in URI syntax.
here is URL modified by me in sms_manager.rb :
request = "#{@sms_url}?#{@username_mapping}=#{@username}&#{@password_mapping}=#{@password}&#{@phone_mapping}="
@recipients.each do |recipient|
cur_request = request
cur_request += "#{recipient}"&#{@message_mapping}=#{encoded_message}&#{@sender_mapping}=#{@sendername}

Is there any mistake here??
Solved the Issue friends..Really Thanks for Help.
There was probably problem with my sms_settings.yml or sms_manager.rb
Replaced both files from source and edited sms_settings.yml as per Raalfy's instructions...and yeah...!! its working....!
Now only problem left is return code in logs.. i am getting 1120897507 620948988 +919822098220 in gateway response field. Can i get delivered or not delivered as status there??

And once again thanks to all for their help..!!
You can try logging in at - I've linked that install to the API and I'm getting responses.
Oh, Okay. Nice. FYI, RaalFy is N3RVE. My brother was signed in on the second computer. Thought it was my profile. Hehe!
Plz Help me regarding sms api integration

my Api:

Noted this api is without sender id.sender id by default set already in my sms gateway account.api is working with any browser well.ok .i m Checked but not working in fedena.i m also try some coding editing in sms_settings.yml & sms_manager but not working.
plz help me any body.

Please post a link to the API documentation for your gateway.
i m using multiple sms Recipients api link in below document.

my sms api Link:

SMS with Custom Sender ID is not allow our gateway.we can use only single or mutiple sms api.
Sender id set by default in my account.

when i trigger multiple sms api with my browser send to my two mobile no.message received on both cell no. with my default set sender id in my sms account.after sms send ( 1 ) number are show in my browser body.

plz set this mutiple sms Recipients api in fedena open source software ?
in document multi sms api mention this line
(Note:Don't put more than 100 numbers in multi sms api.)

also how can will be sms send via api in above 100 recipients ?
"no valid numbers found" gateway response in sms module

pls help me how to solve this issue

unable to send sms,
sms log display this gateway response : no valid numbers

username: myuser
password: myps
sendername: RITMLK
success_code: "success"

username: myuser
password: mypassword
sendername: RITMLK
message: message
phone: phone

# Additional parameters to be added should given in the format "param1=value1&param2=value2&..."

additional_parameters: " "

pls help