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The 'Fees Defaulters' PDF report from the

Student With Fees Due page

(.../finance/fees_defaulters) shows the

total amount of fees, not the balance of

fees owing taking into account amounts paid.
what should i do to resolve this issue?
I tried to check through the database to find which table contained the Balances but still only find what was paid... Fedena please help out here ...
The balances in fedena are obtained by subtracting the paid from the master fee. You can have a look at the model "Finance_fee_category" for more detail. should you still have problem, you can drop me an email

For the issue of incorrect defaulters fees, you need to change that in code. that's what we do in open source fedena version. if you have problem in doing that. just contact me!
Thanks for the response, I have sent you attachments for you to see the actual payments and balance to be paid then the defaulters pdf report created by the "fee_defaulters_pdf.erb" file.
I think some edits might be required in that file but I couldn't run a fetch from the database.