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I believe I've successfully installed the bigbluebutton plugin

afterwards I restarted server and logged in as a user and as an admin

in neither case can I find anything yet labeled bigbluebutton?

once you've installed the BBB how do you access it?

also a "dumb" question... but do I have to install BBB on this same or a different server separately? I was assuming creating the plugin might have done that but I am thinking maybe I was wrong on that point and BBB is a separate installation
Never mind... I found the menu entry... its not intuitive though..

Under "More" on the Dashboard there now appears a "Collaborate" selection.
I am guessing that is where you then identify your BigBlueButton server which ... does have to be separately installed.

hi bmullan,
yes from more --> "Collaborate" section you can access BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton has a separate configuration settings. Go to "servers" and add a new servers details to use BigBlueButton.
How to install that plugin ??