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hi every1,

i have ms sql 2000 n i want to set up ruby on ms sql 2000 supports it? please assist me with this.
is anyone here exist??? or just created this forum for fun?
'm trying to use Ruby on Rails accessing a pre-existing database on
SQL Server 2000.
After some research I found that it should use the gem activerecord-
sqlserver-adapter. Create a connection via ODBC to the
desired base, and creating a database user for access it. We also
configured the database.yml in the following ways:
adapter: sqlserver
mode: odbc
dsn: mydsn;
Server = my_server_name;
username: myuser

this is my database.yml

above config works fine for MS SQL 2005 SUCCESSFULLY. But i want to
work with MSSQL 2000. please provide some help.