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Dear friend,

please give me the suggestion, how to clear cookies..

and also reboot ruby on rails..

its because, i get the problem, when i paste the other script, the system always read and give the error before i paste.

please give me the solution please. thank you
i found this..

I used to delete them with one or some of the following rake tasks:
rake tmp:cache:clear # Clears all files and directories
in tmp/cache
rake tmp:clear # Clear session, cache, and socket
files from tmp/
rake tmp:create # Creates tmp directories for
sessions, cache, sockets, and pids
rake tmp:pids:clear # Clears all files in tmp/pids
rake tmp:sessions:clear # Clears all files in tmp/sessions
rake tmp:sockets:clear # Clears all files in tmp/sockets

but it dont work, i think..

please help me..
Why do you need this for ?
Just kill the ruby process and restart (if you are running on Webrick/Mongrel Servers)
hi sooraj,

actually, if i stop/run the mongrel server.. them do not patched the new one to replace...