We are proud to inform that DHH (David Heinemeier Hansson - The Creator of Ruby on Rails) wished Best of Luck to the Project Fedena through E-mail.

Since the launch of vesion 2.0 of Fedena, we have been receiving rave reviews about the project from all over. Great contributions are being received day by day and lots of Institutions have started to use the application for managing their school data. The factor that excited us is that, even individuals with no prior knowledge in RoR have shown interest in the application and they were successfully able to install, configure and use Fedena. They have also started to learn Ruby on Rails Technology to contribute to the project.

Fedena application will be released as ISO soon. The distro is based on Turnkey Core Lucid and it will be available for download on their next release. At this point of time, we would like to thank Basil Kurian for the excellent contribution done by submitting the patch to the Turnkey Core Linux. The ISO can be used to install Fedena on a Cloud or any Hardware.

Fedena on Turnkey

The installation page of this website has been updated. You can now find the detailed tutorial for installing Fedena application on Windows and Linux platform here. Video tutorial for both is also available. We believe that the new video tutorials will help anyone with a little knowledge in computer to Install Fedena on their systems.

The license details of Fedena have been simplified and you can view it here

Milestones Ahead :-

  1. Fedena 2.1 release with the bugs identified and addition of minor functionality.
  2. Internationalization/Localization of Fedena
  3. Porting the application to work in Rails 3.0