The latest Version of Fedena - Fedena 2.0 is now online. The new version of Fedena has lots of additional features, functionality and updates compared to its older version.

The Entire Release Note is available here.

The source code of the new version of fedena is available at github.

Click Here to download the Technical Documentation of the project.

The ER diagram of the project can be downloaded from this Link.

This version of fedena is more optimized as it can be understood from its database design and we have replaced most of the images with CSS3 stylings.

As the system now includes HR and Finance modules in addition to other modules, we believe that this new system will help in smooth functioning of Educational Institutions.

Have a look into the demo  and let us know your views on the application.

Please do report bugs at the Bug Tracking System available on this community portal. You need to become the member of the community to report bugs.