Fedena Version 2.0 released on August 15, 2010.

What is new ?

General :-

•    Added Course/Batch concept

•    Added Elective subjects

•    Added Import of previous batch subjects

•    Added Student Transfer from one batch to another batch/course

•    Added Messaging System Facility to batch or employee departments

•    Added Generation of Transfer Certificate 

Student Module

•    Added Marks to be archived for Archived Student

•    Added Student categories during Admission

•    Added Additional Details (to be asked during admission)

•    Added Previous Institution details during Admission

•    Added Advanced Search for students

SMS Settings  - This module is introduced in version 2.0

•    Added SMS alerts during admission to student and parent ( as set by Administrator)

•    Added SMS alerts on Exam Schedule and Result publishing ( As set by Administrator)

•    Added SMS Alerts on Event conformation (As set by administrator)

•    Added Custom SMS sending Facility to Students and Employees

•    Included SMS alert on attendance marking ( as set by Administrator)


•    Added Exam Groups concept

•    Added provision for grouping exams for final report

•    Added the concept of Additional Exams

•    Added new Exam with Mark and Grade

•    Added Exam Wise reports ( with consolidated report)

•    Added grouped exam reports

•    Added compare results with previous year feature

•    Added compare results with previous year feature


•    Added Class Timing(Common or Batch specific)

•    Added Weekdays (Common or batch specific)

•    Added Swap class feature for a particular day

•    Added Institution timetable view for a particular day


•    Added Forenoon and Afternoon attendance marking

•    Added Attendance report  with PDF report

•    Added filtration options in reports

Event Mangement  - This module is introduced in version 2.0

•    Added Calender- shows holidays,events,exam and fee due dates

•    Added Event creation directly from calendar

•    Added Batch specific or employee department specific event Creation facility

HR Module  - This module is introduced in version 2.0

•    Manage employee category

•    Manage employee position

•    Manage employee department

•    Manage employee grade

•    Manage employee bank details

•    Employee payroll category

•    Employee Additional details (to be asked on employee admission)

•    Employee admission

•    Employee subject association

•    Employee search

•    Employee advanced search

•    Generate employee payslip

•    One click payslip generate

•    One click revert payslip

•    One click payslip approve

•    Employee attendance register

•    Employee attendance leave type

•    Employee attendance report with filters

•    Leave management for employees

•    Leave approval/reject by reporting Managers

•    Privileges for employees to access HR module

Finance Module  - This module is introduced in version 2.0

•    Master fees creation

•    Master particulars create

•    Additional fees create

•    Additional particulars create

•    Create Fee Collection dates

•    Fee submission (batch wise or student wise)

•    Show Fee structure of student

•    List of Fee defaulters

•    Manage Finance category

•    Manage donations

•    Manage Income Transactions

•    Manage expenses

•    Tranasaction Reports

•    Compare transaction

•    Automatic Transactions

•    Manage payslip for employees

•    Manage Assets

•    Manage Liabilities

•    Export to Tally

•    Privilage for users to access Finance module

What has changed ?

•    Updated Page styling to accommodate more options

•    Updated User interface for enhancing user experience

•    Replaced most of the images with CSS3 styling

•    Updated Student search with AJAX

•    Updated in-built private messaging system for all users.

•    Updated PDF Reports for profile

•    Updated PDF reports in Archived students

•    Removed Adding of subjects individually for exams( all subjects are added by default)

•    Update subject wise reports

•    Updated Privilege system for users.

•    Updated Timetable creation with drag and drop facility.

•    Updated Attendance module

•    Updated reminder module, students/employees can send/receive reminders

Others :-

Installations Instructions - http://www.projectfedena.org/install

Demo - http://www.projectfedena.org/demo

Download The Technical Documentation Here