It is a pleasure to announce that we are invited to do a presentation at Debconf10.

Fedena will be presented in the pedagogical freedom event on debian day by Ahamed Shameem.

It is just a few days for the release of version 2.0 of Fedena. Final bug fixes and testing is underway here at Foradian. Fedena 2.0 is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0 . In Fedena 2.0 you will get all the modules under a single free license.You do not need a support contract for using additional modules (HR and Finance). Fedena 2.0 is thus more free than Fedena 1.0

Fedena is now SMS enabled, which means you now have the choice of sending SMS notifications to the students, parents and employees regarding various events of the institution. SMS module is integrated into the core of Fedena. All you have to do is change the settings to suit your needs.

SMS module

Important reports are always printed in a school. In Fedena, a PDF report can be generated for most of your queries. Details are pulled from the database and a PDF is generated on-the-fly. Thanks to the prawn & prawnto gems .

The admission form is now modified for making the admission procedure of the student easy.Its resemblance with the paper admission forms makes it more attractive. Also some details can be skipped while the admission process ( Yes, you can always add/edit them later.)

Fedena Admission Form

School calendar is a new feature that is being implemented. In a calendar you can create events for a particular department or class. Seeing the calendar you can see the daily life of your institution.Together with SMS module you can send out alerts for important events.

Fedena Calendar

Create Even Fedena

All the operations related to managing employees is incorporated under the HR module. This module has also seen serious rework since version 1.0. You can generate the payslip for an employee , take a PDF report of it and print it right from Fedena.

The finance module now has added features like one click payslip approval.The assets and liabilities management help to integrate existing finance management infrastructure of the institution into Fedena. Added to this Fedena 2.0 also features an import to Tally option.This option was included seeing the wide usage of tally for finance management in India.

Students can be searched based on various criteria. This advanced search feature has been implemented for employees too.

Advanced search fedena

Exam Management has also been improved. In place editors have been placed so that essential details like exam title, maximum/minimum marks can be edited on the go. The grading system for exams has been reworked. Each exam can be created based on marks , marks and grade and grade only type according to the requirements. Elective groups are included into the subject logic. Students of same class can choose one of the subjects in an elective group.The exam results can be viewed as various reports and compared to each other.

Exam Report Flash Chart Fedena

Timetable module has now an elegant timetable creator with drag and drop functionality.

Fedena Time table

Thats all for now , We are still busy squashing minor bugs. We are eager to hear from you. Do report bugs and get your hands dirty with the code once the new version is released.