Over the time, the team Fedena have been working on some of the major changes in the application. One such major change was done to the entire attendance module. The previous version was lacking some of the basic functionalities which was way important to get the exact look and feel for an institution's attendance system.


Unlike the older version, here we can find a clean and an eye catchy interface with easy to use functionality and how to's. This attendance system is designed in such a way that it will depend upon the timetable of the batch as well as the holidays of an Institution.



Similar to the older version of attendance module, here too there are two options available for marking an attendance. Either on daily basis, or per-subject basis.

Just have these options set and the attendance register will bring up the necessary changes in itself according to the preferences you have set.

We have also been working on generating some useful reports for the attendance module which will give insight on students attendance over the academic year.

With SMS feature enabled for the institution, sms reports will be delivered to the students guardian instantly when the attendance is being registered which will help guardians to get a better control over their wards regarding students attendance.