It is almost one month since the launch of the official community website for Fedena - Within this short span of time lots of enquiries regarding the project have been received and we were also able to get immense contribution to the project from contributors all over the world.

Now, we can have a look into the current happening of the project - fedena.

  • Logic has been modified so that the system will be independent of academic year and the entire migration will be based on course-batches.
  • All the historical data of the institution will be stored in a separate table and the queries will be modified to use memached with which we believe the performance of the system will be much better.
  • Examination and Attendance modules are going to be more flexible with enhanced options
  • Addition of Custom Fields for Student Registration and multiple uploading facilities have been implemented
  • Event Creation Module and Calendar view for users have been implemented whose styling have to be completed 
  • The plan for SMS module is over and its implementation will be started soon.

In addition to these, I would also like to quote the contritutibutions done by two of the active members of the community

  1. arzumy -  This member has reported  some valuable suggestions for the project and has made the application heroku friendly. He is also writing some tests using cucumber.
  2. malozo - This member has shown interest in translating the application to Spanish language.

I expect more contributions to the project in the coming days with which we can deliver the Best School Management ERP ever built.