Fedena - Version 2.3  released on September 05, 2012


  1. Batch tutor have the permission to enter attendance for that batch
  2. Fee defaulters to include archived batches
  3. Show the exam result only after publishing result
  4. Introducing GPA and CWA grading systems
  5. Introducing CCE grading system
  6. SMS settings yaml file and sms sending mechanism made compatible with most of SMS APIs
  7. Add SMS tracking System  with SMS log
  8. Monthly Payslips to be inserted in Finance Transactions
  9. Default country brought into settings. The forms using Countries will use this settings
  10. Time zone added into settings. Current time will be dependent on this
  11. Fedena is now available in Germany, Portuguese, Marathi and Japanese
  12. Student View Privilege
  13. News Comment Moderation
  14. Parent User/ParentLogin
  15. Variety of Examination reports including student Transcripts


  1. Timetable and attendance made independent of period entries.
  2. Timetable is created for particular time range.
  3. Attendance registers and reports use month date and timetable entries instead of period entries.
  4. Removed 'Publish' system in timetable.
  5. Attendance register is built at the browser (for increased performance)
  6. Attendance system can be swapped between day wise or subject wise at any instant.
  7. Subject wise attendances are stored in a new table.
  8. Removed 'Swap class' because of its irrelevance in new system
  9. Work allotment added to assign subjects to tutors.
  10. Weekdays and class timing are inactivated instead of deleting
  11. Messaging system handled via delayed job
  12. SMS sending handled via delayed job
  13. Changed calendar format display to yyyy-mm-dd everywhere for compatibility
  14. Enhanced UI for dashboard, Navigation bar and News
  15. Exam Report Generation using Delayed job
  16. Option to create fee particulars for selected batches at a time
  17. Image Magick used for Employee photos
  18. New UI for fee collection creation


  1. Additional Fees
  2. Additional Exams

Issues Fixed:-

  1. Style issue in particular fee page – Master Category Finance Management    
  2. Before creating Discount  " Discount created successfully."  message is shown
  3. Can’t edit fee discount name
  4. Style issue, update button in student edit page
  5. Style changing after editing fee collection date
  6. Style issue in fee receipt
  7. Style issue in "Fee Category Name" in pay fee page
  8. Remove "-" from partial payment of fee   
  9. Change the icon of subjects now it’s using exam icons
  10. Add space b/w "admission number" and the word "does"
  11. Style issue in employee login -leave management  page
  12. In finance compare report -ve amount  showing  , remove "-" (negative) sign in amount
  13. There is no flash message showing after deleting elective subjects
  14. There is no flash message showing after deleting main subjects
  15. Deleted elective Group name showing in Subjects-- Assign Subject page
  16. After pay there should be a link to print receipt---now it is not available when done via "Fees submission for each student" and from "Fees Defaulters" page
  17. Style issue in student profile -fee page
  18. Style issue -transaction report
  19. Style issue in fee transaction page ---show the name of fee fully , Don’t use "dot " width -100% auto --after first line show the remaining fee name in second line
  20. Translation missing----user delete page ---confirmation message
  21. Style issue --decrease the width of "new" button
  22. After partial payment we have no option to add fine
  23. Style issue in Batch Transfer-- Graduation page
  24. Use the same style of transfer page in Graduation page also
  25. Style issue ----Payroll- Add new category--increase the width
  26. If we inactivate bank details then it is showing in employee/add_bank_details page
  27. Can create Automatic Transactions above 100%
  28. Former Students photo not displaying
  29. Style issue of flash message-Employee --Department wise payslip
  30. Style issue in flash message -edit employee payroll details
  31. In advance search Joining date ,Date of Birth search option not working properly--student and employee search
  32. Style issue in email sending page
  33. Admission  number-wise particular fee showing in all students fee page
  34. Can’t import previous batch fees
  35. At the time of editing employee Marital Status Divorced option is not showing
  36. Employee and student advance search not working properly
  37. Decimal places to be show up to two digit in transaction report  -Grand Total
  38. Transaction page and pdf page have different value
  39. Student category not showing after creating fee particular--at the time of editing also its not showing
  40. Style issue --add space b/w delete and edit button of fee category
  41. Deleted employee and check his salary from Finance --Employee payslip page – Error 500
  42. Wrong error message showing ---Try to delete a Grade  and check flash message
  43. The highlighted text was created with list styles, but they are not displayed.-news
  44. In pdf or transaction report auto transaction amount showing in incomes column and that amount is adding with income and showing in total
  45. Auto transaction amount showing in income column and its adding to income
  46. Show only income list that created in income page
  47. Style issue weekdays repeating
  48. Set privilege as Payslip Powers then go to employee profile then payroll or pay slip --style issue
  49. Style issue in employee login leave management -- inner-tab-menu
  50. Paid amount also showing to pay fee again
  51. Change style of  “All” and “None” option in batch transfer and graduation
  52. Can add -ve amount as fine
  53. In Fee, Add 1 category for more than one batch and try to add one particular for all the created category. Only one batch name is showing in selection box
  54. Amount showing different in page and pdf---transaction --Income --Income List
  55. Amount showing different in page and pdf---transaction --expense --expense List
  56. In pdf of transaction report, show only income and expense group name and amount same as in transaction page--now showing all income and expense name and amount in pdf report 
  57. PIN code not showing in student profile and pdf report
  58. Fee particular adding --style issue 
  59. Decimal places to be shown up to two digit---Compare Transactions
  60. Deleted Elective group name showing in assign old batch subject page
  61. Style issue --show update button proper place--edit student profile page
  62. Style issue ---use new pdf style --employee_individual_payslip_pdf
  63. Remove star from last name ---student admission
  64. At the time of creating particular by going into category page no need to show all the category show only the selected category only
  65. Change subject code position in Subjects --Assign Subject page
  66. Login with a student and add a comment then try to delete that comment from that student login
  67. Employee have the privilege of manage news can’t edit or delete news
  68. Change fee category page style
  69. Style issue -Add space b/w Edit and Delete button in Master Category-- Finance Management page
  70. Show the exam result only after publishing result
  71. Remove date column in transaction report and compare transaction report
  72. Amount difference in transaction report
  73. Explicitly specify default font for textarea
  74. Style issue using firefox--student profile --"Details "image style
  75. login with invalid username and password  - wrong error message showing
  76. “Unknown” showing two times in blood group
  77. Student profile page pdf page break issue
  78. Translation issue in users -privilege
  79. Style issue in employee attendance register
  80. At the time of editing an Automatic Transactions Expense Category also listed
  81. Unwanted comma in Address field
  82. When student is admitted with guardian's dob as blank - guardian edit fails
  83. First name + last name in attendance entry page
  84. Auto increment in admission no. not working
  85. Show batches in alphabetical order ---attendances
  86. The text bold and italic is not visible in news
  87. If the fee is created with admission number then in calendar of all students in that batch showing fee due--check in fee submission in that fee and student login -fees page
  88. Entered data changing after an error in fee collection page
  89. Disable SMS links as per settings
  90. Nil Error in finance report when no data
  91. If Sms is disabled for "Employees" then no need to show "SMS to Employees Departments"
  92. If Leave Count is same for different leaves then error message is shown at the time of adding leave type

Important Note:-

This version of fedena is not backward compatible with the attendace and timetable of earlier versions.

 Please execute the following rake task to clear those entries:-

     rake fedena:cleanup_attendance (in development mode)

      rake fedena:cleanup_attendance RAILS_ENV=production (in production mode)


Refer to the Download Instructions