Fedena - Version 2.2 released on January 04, 2012.


  • i18n support
  • RTL support
  • Introduced submenus for navigation
  • Auto Suggest tool for easy navigation
  • Modifications to fee and finance transactions – back end
  • Fedena application made plugin friendly. Addon modules can now be developed as plugins
  • Auto Redirection for URLs
  • Archived Student Report System
  • Changed forgot password input from email to username
  • Added Partial payment receipt for student fees
  • Added Voucher number and Receipt number for finance transactions
  • PDF report for income list  and expense list

Important Fixes:-

  • Pervious batch subject import issue
  • Fee import fixes
  • Employee’s examination control
  • Attendance and examination privilege issue for employees
  • User creation issue
  • Authorizations
  • Admin resetting to employee when role is changed
  • Event System – back end modifications
  • Fixed attendance register style issues(Employee and Student)

In addition to this, around 50 other identified issues have been fixed.


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