Fedena Version - 2.1 released on August 18, 2011.

The following are some of the new features incorporated in this new version.

  • New look for the dashboard Icons.
  • Dasboard Icon Text - Replaced images with text
  • Included partial payment option.
  • Payslip reject option for individual employee.
  • Carry forward in employee leave types.
  • Auto/manual leave reset of employees for a specified interval of time.
  • Multiple admission number entry for additional fees.
  • Import fee structure of previous batch.
  • Assigning Class teacher for a batch
  • Mark entering privilege for assigned subjects.
  • Attendance entering privilege for assigned subjects.
  • Delete messages for inactive (archived/deleted) students.
  • Option for deleting an event.
  • All events to be shown in admin's calendar
  • Size limit for student and employee photo
  • Changing Photo saving system using paperclip
  • Speed up modal box
  • Attendance report for all the students should be taken at one go- PDF report
  • Creation of Master fees for different batches made easy.
  • Batch wise display of Master fees
  • Importing subjects from any batch of that course.
  • Highlighted Current Date in calendar.
  • Added transaction date to expence, income & donations.
  • Showing FEES PAID status in student profile
  • Advance Fee Payment Option for students
  • Deleting auto transaction when income deleted
  • Financial start date and end date for institutions.
  • Option to delete student additional subjects.
  • Handling of fee-pay for student admitted after creating fee collection.
  • Handling employee subject association when a employee is removed.
  • Handling of reporting manager when an employee is removed.
  • Changing view of student search to HTML table system.
  • Limiting minimum search character to “3” expect for student admission number.
  • Option to edit Finance donation.
  • Optimise finance graph ploting system
  • Changing of PDF generation to Wicked-PDF from PRAWN
  • Option to delete event in calender.
  • OFFLINE/ONLINE settings for fedena.
  • Employee Leave history(Option to view leave history for a given time period)
  • Auto change in user profile details when changing corresponding student/employee profile .
  • Finance Fee Discount feature enabling student wise, Student category wise and Batch wise discount respectively.
  • Fixed finance fee particular for each finance fee collection.
  • Calendar query optimisation
  • Adding indices to database tables.
  • Adding Apache license code to all application files.
  • Department Payslip display optimization.
  • Added former_id in archived employee table.
  • Removed Delete option from archived student profile
  • Dependence check before Student Deletion
  • Employee Grade not mandatory

In addition to the above features, 300 other identified issues have been resolved.


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