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I installed fedena correctly tried it tested it.However there a tutorial or step by step that can show me how to start fedena without reopening my server and writing
mongrel_trails start
rake jobs:aboted
in cmd?

2.I would like to add the library plugin but I cant find a tutorial.can anybody help ?

Dear Irelia!
I can only help about installing the library plugin

1. Download the library plugin here
2. Rename the plugin to fedena_library and put it in "your fedena folder"/vendor/plugins/
3. Open up your terminal or Commamnd prompt window, navigate to your fedena folder and type rake fedena:plugins:install_all
-If you see in fedena dashboard you will be able to see library module

@gift thank you!!

simple and accurate steps :D

is there an error though in the library plugin? im able to see the library but not the icon of it...and theres a little windows when i enter it with a forbidden circle that says library small ...

do you know what that could be ?
Dear irelia
Which platform are you using?
ummm if by platform u mean windows/linux... im using windows 7
The issue here is that :The css and image files of library plugin are not included in the main css files repository of the entire fedena system, So you should do the following
1. Copy the following folders: plugins_css, library, books and book_movement from "your fedena folder"/vendor/plugins /fedena_library/public/stylesheets and paste into "your fedena folder"/public/stylesheet
2. Copy library folder from "your fedena folder"/vendor/plugins/fedena_library/public/images go and paste in "your fedena folder"/public/images

I hope this will work
Gift your the best !!! thank you :D :D

Install mongrel service. This will help in automatic start of fedena on the windows start up.
gem install mongrel_service

After installing the service create the service by issuing following command.

mongrel_rails service::install -N Fedena -c c:fedena -p 80 -e production

Go to windows services from the Administrative tools and change the properties by right click on the Fedena service to automatic.

Restart your windows.

After restart point your browser to localhost

Now you will be able to access fedena by without issuing any command.

if any help contact me
I got to start with windows fedena but affects the system because it shows me some code in the program when used. Any ideas?
Please find complete guide fo fedena installation 100% working without any issues
@Gift I know this is an old post but it has sorted me out big time on setting up the module! Thanks so much!

Would you know where I can download the reports module?
Hello Outkust!
You are welcome.

What reports are you talking about
Hi Gift.,
Thanks for your quick response.

Say someone wants to print out /export to excel any data already in the system, say Book movement log,Book search result, all users, Students,teacher etc how do you go about it?

Are you using the free version or the paid one?

Am using the free version.

Then these features are not there, you can have those in pro version. But also you can customize the free version